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With established local partners across Africa,  it is expected that there will be future Impact Africa workshops and conferences in 2019 and 2020. Please make sure you are registered for our newsletter and join our Facebook Pages to keep informed.    

Impact Africa: Understanding and Responding to Children at Risk Conferences- Uganda and Zimbabwe!

(April 2019)

In Uganda we partnered with Hope Springs Haven to run the IA conference. Led by International Accredited Trainers Jovia and Marjory, there were 35 graduates from Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania, Malaysia, Macau and Hong Kong, with 3000 children’s lives impacted. The conference participants were foster and birth parents, directors of organisations, clinical psychologist, pastors, legal people, kindergarten teachers, teachers and university staff.

Jovia reports, “Few participants had received any training on best child care practice. The participants were very eager to learn, knowledge was increased, and they gained more skills in working with children. It was visible that they learnt a lot, unlearnt some of the inappropriate practices, were encouraged and motivated to carry on with the work with children more effectively. 

Here are some of the comments from the participants:

“What you taught us will forever be the basis of our ministry to children.”

“I strongly testify I am not the same and my mind set about children has been dramatically transformed for the better.”

In partnership with Zimbabwe Without Orphans (ZWO), and lead by Sue Austen, an international Accredited Trainer, there were 77 Zimbabwean graduates of the IA Conference in Harare. There were 5760 children’s lives impacted by the attendance of psychologists, pastors, policemen, teachers, advocates, child caregivers, superintendents of institutions, foster and adoptive parents.

Sue reports, “Many of the participants indicated that the conference was an eye opener and helped them understand children who had experienced trauma much better.  Discipline, attachment and child abuse were the favourite topics. The group presentations for most  of the sessions, especially the one on child abuse, were amazing. “

Participants comments:

“More of these trainings are needed in our institutions so that caregivers can benefit and change the way they treat children there.”

“Good empowerment for caregivers, educationists, social workers and even for parents (biological and foster). I pray it will impact the whole world for positive change towards child protection.” 

Both conferences generated a lot of interest for future training on best child care practice, not only in Uganda and Zimbabwe but across Africa The need is overwhelming. 

Delegates at the Impact Africa Conference in Harare Zimbabwe, sing NO to child abuse.