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CARDL - Children at Risk Distance Learning


CARDL is a flexible and comprehensive distance learning program for training people to work with children who have experienced trauma from crisis experiences. These include orphans, child prostitutes, child soldiers, street children, children in institutional care, and children of abuse, with HIV/AIDS or disabilities.


Many individuals, churches, non-government organisations and governments have a heart and passion to serve these children at risk, but they can struggle to come to terms with the large and growing number of children, the complexities of their problems, and an ability to provide best care practice.

Our training programs and resources are targeted to those who work directly with children, you and families at risk, who have limited educational opportunities and child care experience.


Training seminars are one solution to the problem. However, we are aware that for many people employment, family and ministry responsibilities often make it difficult to travel to attend conferences or weekly workshops.  We have a heart and passion to equip all who need our training! With a flexible approach to learning, we offer a wide range of training methods, including Skype, Distance Education, classroom or a combination.


Using her vast experience as an international educator and consultant, Janette has designed CARDL as a response to these requests.

The number of lessons, the time frame, and the topics s flexible and can be adapted to individual and organisational needs.


Using the National Training: Understanding and Responding to Children at Risk Training (NCART)  as a resource book, weekly lessons and easy to follow assignments are sent out via the internet (or post if not available) and are marked and returned.


The CARDL course can be competed individually, or in small groups of 4-6 trainees.  Meeting together a few times during the program can greatly benefit learning and give support.


Topics could include child abuse, attachment, loss and grief, play, models of care (foster care, small group homes, institutions), Convention on the Rights of the Child, trauma, street children, counselling and caring for the caregiver.


Please contact Janette to discuss how we can train you to work with the most vulnerable.