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Boondaburra is sad. Why do the other animals make fun of him just because he is different?When tragedy strikes in the Australian bush, Boondaburra learns that being unique has its advantages. 

Boondaburra is the story of a platypus' journey from rejection to accepting and understanding his uniqueness, and the friends who come to accept and admire those differences.

Boondaburra teaches children about acceptance, forgiveness, friendship and love.

Boondaburra - By Natalie Lonsdale

  • Reviews:

    I really enjoyed reading Boondaburra. The illustrations are gorgeous and relevant to the action taking place. The story celebrates God's creation of many different types of animals. At the start of the story Boondaburra struggles with feelings of inadequacy because the other animals treat him like an outcast.
    A number of native Australian animals are included in the story and they learn the importance of appreciating each other's unique characteristics. The author's note at the end provides fascinating platypus facts. I highly recommend Boondaburra to those looking for a fun and inspiring children's story'. NARELLE

    'This is a beautiful story set against the backdrop of the Australian Bush. Using the Australian platypus as the central character, the author has not only managed to educate young children about the platypus, but has effectively used the uniqueness of the platypus as a testimony to God's creation. Your children will learn that God doesn't make mistakes, and that every one of them has a purpose, despite their differences. It teaches children about acceptance, forgiveness, friendship and love. All of this is encapsulated by the gorgeous illustrations! A must have book for all children!
    The author has also cleverly added platypus facts at the end of the story, which include tips on how children can protect our native animals and their bush land environment'. NATASHA

    Written by National Training and Children at Risk Global Network member Natalie Lonsdale.