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Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Janette Pepall: 2008

Introduction and Curriculum Description

There is a growing body of research and an increasing awareness that children should be cared for in a family or community setting, rather than in institutional models. While recognising that in some instances and situations, such as war, disease and poverty, there are overwhelming numbers of Orphans and Vulnerable Children and limited resources, this may be difficult to achieve. However it is suggested that governments, communities and workers continue to advocate for change. Where institutions do exist, it is suggested that there be a Childs Rights based approach to ensure quality care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children separated from their parents and other trusted adults. This will ensure an optimum standard of care that allows for constant and quality monitoring of children’s well being.

The material in the Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Module provides an overview of the situation for Orphans and Vulnerable Children worldwide and an understanding of their lives and needs. It explores the impact for a child in losing its family and home. For children who require out of home care, several models are discussed and successful examples of alternative care programs are given. Further some basic intervention strategies and how best to care for those involved in the lives of children will be discussed.

Lesson 1: Understanding Children and Childhood
Lesson 2: Who are the Orphans and Vulnerable Children?
Lesson 3: Why do Orphans and Vulnerable Children need Care?
Lesson 4: The Needs and Rights of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Lesson 5: Trauma and Loss
Lesson 6: Attachment Issues
Lesson 7: Stages of Grief
Lesson 8: Models of Care-Foster Care
Lesson 9: Models of Care-Adoption and Community Based Care
Lesson 10: Models of Care- Small Group Homes and Institutions
Lesson 11: Intervention Strategies-Setting the Scene
Lesson 12: Intervention Strategies

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  • Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
    Janette Pepall: 2008