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Children and Adoption: A Life Journey

The series titled Children and Adoption: A Life Journey is written by Janette Pepall, a birth, foster, and adoptive mother, and for over 25 years a professional in the field of children. www.janettepepall.com

The series is beautifully illustrated by Leanne Jenion www.jjcreativegraphicdesign.com who with her husband is a foster parent.

As an international trainer, consultant and author, Janette is constantly asked by adoptive parents, “Should I tell my child they are adopted? How, and when?

Janette and Dean’s adoptees, now all adults, are still asked when they knew they were adopted. They answer, “I cannot remember when I didn’t hear the word adoption. Of course it was a word that I didn’t understand at first. Mum and dad explained my adoption journey to me in stages. Even at a young age, I was confident enough to be able to answer other’s questions”.

Driven by understandable curiosity as they grow, Janette’s advice from her personal and professional experience is to introduce and ‘normalise’ the word adoption, through the use of the word in a friendly and relaxed approach, as early as possible. This is more difficult in some cultures, as there remains secrecy and often shame around adoption.

“I Am Adopted”, is written for the under 6 year old adoptee. It is a simple story book to encourage national adoptive parents, of Chinese background and adopting a Chinese child, to share the adoption story as early as possible.

The books are also available in English and Hindi, with other languages to follow.

I Am Adopted for Boys (Chinese) Postage +