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Training continues in Borneo

March 2, 2014


We are half way through the second Borneo National Training.




Topics covered so far -

Children: Needs & Rights

Holistic Development & SelfEsteem.


Topics to be covered in the next Sessions:

Communication with Children


Understanding Behaviour & Discipline.


The training is conducted in Bahasa Melayu and the use of native language is encouraged.


The training package includes CRC summary in Bahasa, training notes and an activity book which contains all the discussions, questions and ample space for participants to write their thoughts/personal reflections.


We have the luxury of a LCD projector! so Hannah has used power point presentations as training aids.


19 people turned up for Session 2, including 6 teenagers (13- 15 years old).


The training started with a game called "Who am I?", to illustrate how important it is to ask the right questions to the right person to get the right answers.


In our case, we are to ask God the right questions to get the right answers because only He alone knows exactly who we really are!


Holistic development is about helping a child to become who God intended him/her to be. Group discussions are from Biblical passages and from the Training Manual. A group representative then shared their ideas with the class. A mirror was used to illustrate how important it is to build a positive self esteem in children in order for them to have a positive identity and positive self confidence.


The rest of the lessons are from theTraining Manual, translated into Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu).



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