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Second National Training in Borneo Complete

March 23, 2014


Congratulations to the participants of the Second National Training Seminar in Borneo!


Behaviour and Discipline on 15th March and Preparing A Lesson on 16th March.



The topic on Behaviour and Discipline was probably more difficult to digest than the previous topics due to its "counter-cultural" nature. This topic invited a heated discussion among the participants. Most of them commented that positive discipline is not easy to be implemented especially when we have never seen it modelled in our own lives. Hannah encouraged them that it can be done if we are willing to change our old mind set for the benefit of our children. We need God to strengthen us and to give us wisdom.


Session 5 was an additional topic not included in the National Training, but not an entirely separate topic, because in order to prepare a good lesson, one must have the basic foundational blocks discussed in Sessions 1 - 4. The ‘Preparing A Lesson’ topic was specifically added for the Sunday School teachers. Hannah included an example of a lesson where the participants played children and Hannah played the Sunday School teacher


Evaluation forms were distributed at the end of the session.


The attendee’s held a small 'graduation party' at the completion of the training, and the participants who had attended all five sessions received a certificate of attendance.


Topics covered:

1. Session 1: Children Needs and Rights

2. Session 2: Holistic Development and Self Esteem

3. Session 3: Communication with Children and Attachment

4. Session 4: Behaviour and Discipline

5. Session 5: Preparing A Lesson (additional topic especially for the teachers)


Some Positive Feedback:


‘I learned new things during the seminar such as how to help children to build their self esteem and how to communicate with them effectively.’


‘I learned about understanding child behaviour and how to give positive discipline.’


‘This kind of seminar is important to help us understand children and to do our responsibilities as parents and teachers better.’


‘I learned how to communicate with children and prepare a good lesson that can help them in their holistic development.’


‘I heard about the rights of children for the first time.’


‘I feel the need to improve our parenting skills.’

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