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Train The Trainer Course


The Train The Trainer Course or TTT is a unique opportunity to be equipped to be a great trainer and to gain knowledge of our National Training: Understanding and Responding to Children At Risk Curriculum. The TTT consists of 10 days of training, with two days of training theory (e.g. challenges of training best child care practice, how do adults learn) and gives you the opportunity to practice our method of interactive learning), followed by eight days of learning the curriculum.


The TTT can be conducted in the training room, by Skype or by Distance Learning. It can be done individually or in a small group. Our heart is see long term change in the lives of children at risk, so we are always open to discuss with you a flexible plan of training. On completion of the ten day Train The Trainer Course and meeting other requirements, graduates can apply to become an International Accredited Trainer (IAT) with the Children At Risk Global Network (CARGN).


We have trained 54 trainers, from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chin State, China, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Korea, Karen State, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom, the United States of America and Zimbabwe.


You can make a lasting difference by training child caregivers, teachers, pastors and others directly involved with children at risk in best care practice, which ripples across the globe.


'During 2016 I had the opportunity to complete the ten day Train the Trainer Seminar with Janette, who is also the founder and Co-Ordinator of the Children At Risk Global Network (CARGN). I have worked with orphaned and vulnerable children for the past seven years in Kenya and also in Thailand. I have read every book I can find on child attachment, child development, and child psychology. It is my greatest passion. I have always had a lot of information, theories, and ideas floating around my head, but have never had a lot of success passing on this knowledge to the staff and care givers.